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J. P. Donleavy

Data de nascimento: 23. Abril 1926


J. P. Donleavy - que falta uma descrição mais detalhada do autor.

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Citações J. P. Donleavy

„All I want
Is one break
Which is not
My neck.“

—  J. P. Donleavy
The Ginger Man (1955; New York: Delacorte Press, 1973) p. 319.


„On Being Old. It's not nice but take comfort that you won't stay that way for ever.“

—  J. P. Donleavy
The Unexpurgated Code: A Complete Manual of Survival & Manners (New York: Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence, 1975) p. 278.

„The inhabitants will always see both sides of an argument so long as it can result in a fight.“

—  J. P. Donleavy
"The Funeral of Denny Cordell" (1995), cited from An Author and his Image: The Collected Short Pieces (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1997) p. 178.

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