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Graeme Leung

Graham Everett Leung is a Fijian lawyer and former president of the Fiji Law Society. He was also chairman of the Electoral Commission, and was named as judge advocate of a Court Martial panel to retry 20 soldiers convicted mutiny in relation to the Fiji coup of 2000, but a number of complications left his commissioning in that office outstanding until he was finally approved as judge advocate and commissioned as an army officer with the rank of lieutenant colonel on 4 January 2006.

Privately, Leung was a senior partner at Howards, a commercial law firm in the Fijian capital, Suva. He retired from private practice in June 2009 following the abrogation of the Fijian Constitution. He chose not to renew his licence to practice law after the military backed regime altered the licensing procedure, requiring lawyers to submit their applications for new licences to practice from the office of Chief Registrar of the High Court. Previously, the Law Society issued legal practitioners with practising certificates.

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