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Giuseppe Mazzini

Data de nascimento: 22. Junho 1805
Data de falecimento: 10. Março 1872


Giuseppe Mazzini foi um político, maçom e revolucionário da unificação italiana.

Citações Giuseppe Mazzini


„One sole interpreter of that law — Humanity.“

—  Giuseppe Mazzini
Context: One sole God; One sole ruler, — his Law; One sole interpreter of that law — Humanity. Life and Writings: Young Europe: General Principles. No. 1., reported in Hoyt's New Cyclopedia Of Practical Quotations (1923), p. 318

„Art does not imitate, but interpret.“

—  Giuseppe Mazzini
Context: Art does not imitate, but interpret. It searches out the idea lying dormant in the symbol, in order to present the symbol to men in such form as to enable them to penetrate through it to the idea. Were it otherwise, what would be the use or value of art? The Life and Writings of Joseph Mazzini (1864), p. vii

„Ideas grow quickly when watered with the blood of martyrs.“

—  Giuseppe Mazzini
Attributed in The Cambridge Modern History (1907), ed. Adolphus William Ward et al., Vol. 10, p. 122

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