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George Ade

Data de nascimento: 9. Fevereiro 1866
Data de falecimento: 16. Maio 1944


George Ade foi um humorista e dramaturgo estadunidense.

Citações George Ade

„Moral: Don't try to Account for Anything.“

—  George Ade
The Fable of the Caddy who Hurt His Head While Thinking


„A Piker always has his entire Stock of Goods in the Show Window.“

—  George Ade
The Fable of the Wise Piker Who Had the Kind of Talk That Went

„Moral: In uplifting, get underneath.“

—  George Ade
The Fable of the Good Fairy with the Lorgnette, and why She Got it Good

„MORAL: When Wealth walks in at the Door, the Press Agent comes in through the Window.“

—  George Ade
The Through Train, Knocking the Neighbors (1912)


„Early to Bed and Early to Rise is a Bad Rule for any one who wishes to become acquainted with our most Prominent and Influential People.“

—  George Ade
True Bills (1904)

„MORAL: If it were not for the presents, an elopement would be preferable.“

—  George Ade
The Fable of the General Manager of the Love Affair Who Demanded a Furlough, Forty Modern Fables (1901)

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