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Fritz Mauthner

Data de nascimento: 22. Novembro 1849
Data de falecimento: 29. Junho 1923


Fritz Mauthner was an Austro-Hungarian novelist, theatre critic and satirist. He was an exponent of philosophical scepticism derived from a critique of human knowledge and of philosophy of language.

Mauthner was born on 22 November 1849 into an assimilated, well-to-do Jewish family from Horzitz in Bohemia . He was the fourth of the six children of Emmanuel and Amalie Mauthner.:viiiHe became editor of the Berliner Tageblatt in 1895, but is remembered mainly for his Beiträge zu einer Kritik der Sprache , published in three parts in 1901 and 1902. Ludwig Wittgenstein took several of his ideas from Mauthner, and acknowledges him in his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus .Mauthner died in Meersburg am Bodensee on 29 June 1923.:viii

Citações Fritz Mauthner

„Men learned to speak in order to understand one another. Cultural languages have lost the ability to help men to advance beyond the most rudimentary level and attain understanding. It seems that the time has come to learn to be silent once again.“

— Fritz Mauthner
Beiträge zu einer Kritik der Sprache (1923), I, p. 56; as quoted in [ "Wittgenstein versus Mauthner: Two critiques of language, two mysticisms" (2007) by Elena Nájera]

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