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Data de nascimento: 7. Junho 1961


Eric Chu Li-lun is a Taiwanese politician and the incumbent Mayor of New Taipei. He was born into a political family with strong Kuomintang ties, and served as Vice Premier of the Republic of China, under Premier Wu Den-yih. Prior to this, Chu served as legislator and as the magistrate of Taoyuan County . He was elected as the first mayor of the newly established city of New Taipei on 27 November 2010. On 17 January 2015, he was elected unopposed as Chairman of the Kuomintang, succeeding Ma Ying-jeou. On 17 October 2015, he was chosen as KMT candidate for the 2016 presidential election replacing incumbent candidate Hung Hsiu-chu. Chu was defeated by his opponent Tsai Ing-wen, and subsequently resigned his post as KMT chairman.

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„Then I remembered the phrase 'do not forsake your original intentions' — which was why I decided 17 years ago to run as a legislator and make changes to our society to make the lives of the next generation better and give Taiwan's future more hope.“

—  Eric Chu
Eric Chu (2015) cited in " Chu meets AIT's Kin; mum on US trip" on The China Post, 21 October 2015.

„I have learned to never give up, to take the necessary risks to win and to seek victory amid defeat. This is the spirit of Taiwan. We stick with it to the end and never quit.“

—  Eric Chu
Eric Chu (2015) cited in " Baseball inspires hope for last-minute victories: Chu" on Taipei Times, 28 October 2015.


„I had previously stated on many occasions that I would not run in the 2016 presidential election. But at this crucial moment, it was a decision I had no choice but to make in order to improve the health of Taiwan's democracy.“

—  Eric Chu
Eric Chu (2015) cited in " Chu suspends mayoral duties for campaign" on The China Post, 20 October 2015.

„I am always with all of you and everyone's old pal. But it's better not to call me old.“

—  Eric Chu
Eric Chu (2009) cited in " Chu bids farewell to Taoyuan residents" on The China Post, 11 September 2009.

„I had no option to turn down the (Vice Premiership) appointment or make other choices as the country needs me at a time when it is facing the most trying challenge it ever has faced.“

—  Eric Chu
Eric Chu (2009) cited in " Chu said he could not turn down appointment" on The China Post, 8 September 2009.

„This is the time we have to make a decision (to replace Hung Hsiu-chu as the KMT candidate for 2016 ROC presidential election), and it is a decision we have to make.“

—  Eric Chu
Eric Chu (2015) cited in " KMT passes proposal to revoke nomination of presidential candidate" on Focus Taiwan, 14 October 2015.

„The development of cross-strait relations is not decided unilaterally by any one side. It depends on a consensus on both sides.“

—  Eric Chu
Eric Chu (2015) cited in " Eric Chu to discuss China policy during visit to the United States" on The China Post, 22 October 2015.


„The KMT after 17 October (2015) will be a united KMT. As chairman, I cannot let the party become history.“

—  Eric Chu
Eric Chu (2015) cited in "" on The China Post, 15 October 2015.

„We should harbor a positive mentality to any cross-strait development and exchange.“

—  Eric Chu
Eric Chu (2015) cited in " MA-XI MEETING: DPP opposition to Ma-Xi exchange ‘inappropriate’" on Taipei Times, 6 November 2015.

„It's time that six decades of separation (between Taiwan and Mainland China) and previous generations' confrontation be ended. Let the current and the future generations choose common development and jointly create a situation of mutual benefits.“

—  Eric Chu
Eric Chu (2009) cited in " Senior official urges "most broad-based" cross-Straits exchanges" on The Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China, 17 May 2009.

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