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Data de nascimento: 1973


Peyman Fattahi , also known as Master Elias M. Ramollah , is the founder and leader of the El Yasin Community .Peyman Fattahi has started his public teachings since he was 23. His teachings cover a wide range of topics from spirituality to thought and thinking methods as well as parapsychology, metaphysics and esoteric knowledge. He has been the originator of some applied theories among which the Systematic Decision Making using 7/10 Method and poly-what planning formulae have been more popular.

Fattahi's appearance is not similar to religious characters and he has insisted repeatedly that he is not a religious man. Although he does not teach about religions and faiths, a large proportion of his teachings are focused to revive divine spiritualism, esoteric cognition and self-awareness. He has little if not much academic education; according to him, "One day I burnt that little acquired knowledge and left it to oblivion", but there are more than 4000 pages of manuscripts available on his teachings in field of esoteric knowledge as well as applied and fundamental theories. He has also supervised and directed more than 200 research projects and the content of his public speeches have been collected and formed more than 39 books. Fattahi ascribes his knowledge to his observations, thoughts and personal attributes.

Peyman Fattahi has thousands of followers in different regions. He is especially concerned about people who are astray and in deviation – that majority caught in darkness and ignorance. He points out that he has completely explored and fully known their world; therefore, he has a very deep and strong relation with them. However, he avoids arrogant, fanatic, pessimistic, hesitant and so-called wise people.

Although Fattahi's teachings on field of thinking methods have been most popular within the past 15 years, some of his followers still know him as a spiritual leader.

Fattahi has been given various appellations by different categories of his followers and admirers. There have been different opinions about his nature of identity and it's been told by some of his devotees he is such or such person. But far from any pretension he has called all those attributes chimerical and superstitious and once answered to the question 'who you really are?': "I am not somebody else, I am who I am."

He presents himself as a servant of the God and frequently refers to himself as an ordinary and normal person. Elia attributes all extraordinary phenomena to the Spirit of God who he considers to be his patron and guide.

I'm neither a saint, nor a clergy … I'm not the master of a sect; neither founded a sect nor am agreeing with sectarianism.

Fattahi expresses the essence of his teachings with these divine words, "There is no deity but God" and he considers teaching and realization of this statement as being his vocation. He lays stress on union and reconciliation of religions, nations and various trends.

He has repeatedly, clearly and seriously talked about the necessity and realization of a global revolution; and he constantly points out that we ought to prepare the world and be ready for "the Divine Manifestation and a great evolution."

He once stated:

Humanity needs desperately a revolution of awareness and an inner evolution – a great evolution resulting in the revelation of the Truth and the Divine Presence in the world. The Lord is going to answer to this vital human need and to rescue humanity from death, pain and disease. Man's rescue and exaltation reside in his return to the Divine Presence and his deliverance lies in his union with Him/Her.

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