Frases de Edwin Muir

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Edwin Muir

Data de nascimento: 15. Maio 1887
Data de falecimento: 3. Janeiro 1959


Edwin Muir was a Scottish Orcadian poet, novelist and translator, born on a farm in Deerness. He is remembered for his deeply felt and vivid poetry in plain language with few stylistic preoccupations. His wife, Willa Muir, made extensive translations of many German author's including Franz Kafka. These were issued under their joint names but his wife notes that he "only helped".

Citações Edwin Muir


„There is a road that turning always
Cuts off the country of Again.
Archers stand there on every side
And as it runs time's deer is slain
And lies where it has lain.“

—  Edwin Muir
"The Road", Journeys and Places (1937)

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