Frases de Edwin Arthur Burtt

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Edwin Arthur Burtt

Data de nascimento: 11. Outubro 1892
Data de falecimento: 6. Setembro 1989


Edwin Arthur Burtt , usually cited as E. A. Burtt, was an American philosopher who wrote extensively on the philosophy of religion. His doctoral thesis published as a book under the title The Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Physical Science has had a significant influence upon the history of science that is not generally recognized, according to H. Floris Cohen.

Citações Edwin Arthur Burtt

„The only way to avoid becoming a metaphysician is to say nothing.“

—  Edwin Arthur Burtt
p. 224 Often misquoted or paraphrased as "The only way to avoid metaphysics is to say nothing." Cf. on the next page, "you cannot avoid metaphysics".


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