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Douglas McGregor

Data de nascimento: 1906
Data de falecimento: 1. Outubro 1964

Douglas McGregor foi economista e professor universitário estadunidense, um dos pensadores mais influentes na área das relações humanas.

Citações Douglas McGregor

„Management cannot provide a man with self-respect or with the respect of his fellows or with the satisfaction of needs for self-fulfillment. It can create conditions such that he is encouraged and enabled to seek such satisfactions for himself, or it can thwart him by failing to create those conditions.“

—  Douglas McGregor

Douglas McGregor (1957), "The Human Side of Enterprise," in: Adventure in Thought and Action, Proceedings of the Fifth Anniversary Convocation of the School of Industrial Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, April 9, 1957. Cambridge, MA: MIT School of Industrial Management.

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„The key question for top management is what are your assumptions (implicit as well as explicit) about the most effective way to manage people?“

—  Douglas McGregor

p. 1; as cited in: Abraham Harold Maslow, Deborah Collins Stephens, Gary Heil. Maslow on management, John Wiley, 1998, p. 96
The Human Side of Enterprise (1960)

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