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Dmitry Rogozin

Data de nascimento: 21. Dezembro 1963

Dmitry Olegovich Rogozin is a Russian politician, currently serving as the Director General of Roscosmos.

Previously he was Deputy Prime Minister of Russia in charge of Defense industry of Russia from 2011 to 2018.

In January 2008, he became Russia's ambassador to NATO, serving until December 2011. He was a leader of the Rodina party, until it merged with other similar Russian parties to form the Fair Russia party. He holds two doctorate degrees in philosophy and in technology.On 18 February 2011, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev appointed Rogozin as the Special Representative on anti-missile defense; he negotiates with NATO countries on this issue.

On 23 December 2011, Rogozin was appointed as Deputy Prime Minister, in charge of the defense and space industries. For the defense industry, he led the creation of the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects in the Defense Industry. In May 2018, he became the head of the Russian state space corporation Roscosmos.In 2015, Rogozin was the head of Russia's Arctic Commission.Rogozin is an active user of Twitter and Facebook. Wikipedia

Citações Dmitry Rogozin

„After analyzing the sanctions against our space industry, I suggest that the USA bring their astronauts to the International Space Station using a trampoline.“

—  Dmitry Rogozin

Отправка на МКС астронавтов с помощью батута...,, 29.04.2014
Russian Diplomat Twitter-Threatens to Fly a Bomber Into Romania, The wire, May 10, 2014
Original: Проанализировав санкции против нашего космопрома, предлагаю США доставлять своих астронавтов на МКС с помощью батута.

„There is stud "Khrenovskoy" in my former constituency and that stud is older than all of the United States, older than America. Naturally, that's why we have archaic views.“

—  Dmitry Rogozin

Галерея – городской еженедельник полезной информации, стр.6 (Gallery – city weekly) Dec. 23-29, 2009, p. 6
Original: В моем бывшем избирательном округе есть конезавод «Хреновской», – конезавод старше, чем все США, чем Америка как таковая. Естественно, поэтому у нас взгляды архаичнее.

„The whole criminal world is in Parliament!“

—  Dmitry Rogozin

on Russian lawmakers (2006). Itogi (Russian language Magazine), No 4/554 (January 22, 2007)
Original: Весь криминальный мир уже в депутатах!

„Upon US request, Romania has closed its airspace for my plane. Ukraine doesn't allow me to pass through again. Next time I'll fly on board TU-160.“

—  Dmitry Rogozin

The supersonic Soviet-era TU-160 is Russia's largest strategic bomber.
Рогозин пригрозил прилететь в Приднестровье на бомбардировщике,, May 11, 2014
Russian Diplomat Twitter-Threatens to Fly a Bomber Into Romania, The wire, May 10, 2014
Original: Румыния по требованию США закрыла моему борту воздушное пространство. Украина снова не пропускает. В следующий раз полечу на Ту-160.

„If these are "peaceful protests" then Ashton is a ballerina at the Bolshoi Theatre.“

—  Dmitry Rogozin

in Twitter, referring to the Ukrainian anti-governmental protests of 2013-2014.
Original: Если это - "мирные протесты", то Эштон - балерина Большого театра. {February 20, 2014}

„Every former w. who has aged wants to give lectures about morals, especially during tours and gigs abroad…“

—  Dmitry Rogozin

in Twitter, on Madonna's recent statement on behalf of the punk rock group Pussy Riot, using an abbreviated form of the Russian word for whore (Augus 08, 2012)
Rogozin vs. Madonna
Rogozin tweets criticism of Madonna
Original: Каждая бывшая б. с возрастом стремится читать всем лекции о морали. Особенно во время зарубежных турне и гастролей…

„If they were real men, following the tradition they would commit a hara-kiri and calm down at last. All they're doing is making noise“

—  Dmitry Rogozin

in Twitter, referring to the Japanese complaint about PM Medvedev's visit to the Kuril islands.

„The answer to Maidan comes from the South-East (Novorossiya) in the form of anti-fascist resistance and struggle for national liberation.“

—  Dmitry Rogozin

Dmitry Rogozin ‏@Rogozin on Twitter on June 15, 2014, after the attack on the Russian embassy in Kiev.
Original: Потому и ответ на Майдан приобретает на Юго-Востоке форму и смысл национально-освободительной борьбы и антифашистского сопротивления

„…They are countries that were formerly part of either the Soviet Union or Warsaw Pact. We call them NATO's Komsomol.“

—  Dmitry Rogozin

Dmitry Rogozin in an interview for radio station "Echo of Moscow", Oct.18, 2010
Original: …Это страны, которые раньше были либо частью Советского Союза, либо Варшавского договора. Мы их называем «натовский комсомол».

„Tremble, bourgeoisie! You're screwed. :)“

—  Dmitry Rogozin

in Twitter, on the commissioning of the first Borei class nuclear ballistic missile submarine. (January 9, 2013)
Original: Дрожите, буржуи! Кирдык вам. :)

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„Crimea is ours. Basta.“

—  Dmitry Rogozin

In Twitter. {March 31st, 2014}

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