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Diego Rivera

Data de nascimento: 8. Dezembro 1886
Data de falecimento: 24. Novembro 1957


Diego Rivera, de nome completo Diego Maria de la Concepcion Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de la Rivera y Barrientos Acosta y Rodríguez , de origem judaica, foi um dos maiores pintores mexicanos, casado por quatro vezes, incluindo um tumultuoso casamento com Frida Kahlo.

Citações Diego Rivera

„When we began, we had no opportunities; we prepared in silence and created our own opportunity.“

—  Diego Rivera
On making your own artistic opportunities in the book Conversations with Diego Rivera: The Monster in His Labyrinth


„Here it is—the might, the power, the energy, the sadness, the glory, the youthfulness of our lands.“

—  Diego Rivera
On the layout of New York City (as quoted in the book The Fabulous Life of Diego Rivera

„Your engineers are your great artists and these highways are the most beautiful things I have seen in your beautiful country…Out of them and the machine will issue the style of tomorrow.“

—  Diego Rivera
On being enchanted by engineers in “Diego Rivera: A Man and His Murals” (Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute)

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