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Data de nascimento: 4. Agosto 1942
Data de falecimento: 13. Agosto 2005

David Russell Lange was a New Zealand politician who served as the 32nd Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1984 to 1989.

A lawyer by profession, Lange was first elected to the New Zealand Parliament in the Mangere by-election of 1977. He soon gained a reputation for cutting wit and eloquence. Lange became the Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition in 1983, succeeding Bill Rowling.

When Prime Minister Robert Muldoon called an election in July 1984 Lange led his party to a landslide victory, becoming, at the age of 41, New Zealand's youngest prime minister of the 20th century. The Fourth Labour Government came to power amid a constitutional crisis. It rapidly implemented far-reaching constitutional, economic and social reforms; however, the free market ethos of Lange's government did not conform to traditional expectations of a social-democratic party. Lange and his party were re-elected in August 1987; he resigned two years later and was succeeded by his deputy, Geoffrey Palmer. He retired from Parliament in 1996. Prime Minister Helen Clark described New Zealand's nuclear-free legislation as his legacy.

Citações David Lange

„What a friend we have in cheeses.“

—  David Lange

Referring to New Zealand's lucrative dairy export industry.
Fonte: New Zealand Wit & Wisdom (1998), p. 155.

„After that, whenever I drove past Mangakahia, I would empty my ashtray — and I was a heavy smoker in those days — on the road outside the hall.“

—  David Lange

Lange had been invited during the election campaign to speak with local farmers in the Mangakahia hall. The meeting lasted well over three hours, with many questions and vigorous displays of support. However on election day, of the 88 votes cast in Mangakahia, none were for Lange's labour party.
Fonte: Dominion, 4 October 1993, p. 10.

„And I'm going to give it to you if you hold your breath just for a moment … I can smell the uranium on it as you lean towards me.“

—  David Lange

Commonly misquoted as "I can smell the uranium on your breath", as in A New Zealand Dictionary of Political Quotations, p. 94.
During the Oxford Union Debate, 1 March 1985.

„The statement which has been made by the Leader of the Opposition was that the intelligence has stopped. I don't know whether that was a personal confession or whether it was a statement of position.“

—  David Lange

Referring to Jim McLay's comments on the effect of the nuclear ships ban on the exchange of military intelligence with New Zealand's allies.
Fonte: Gliding on the Lino: The Wit of David Lange, compiled by David Barber, 1987.

„Greens are not expected to be anything but nice.“

—  David Lange

Referring to the New Zealand Ecological Movement.
Fonte: Dominion, 30 December 1991, p. 6.

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„On Roger Douglas: "He's like rust, he never sleeps."“

—  David Lange

Fonte: A New Zealand Dictionary of Political Quotations, p. 100.

„He's gone around the country stirring up apathy.“

—  David Lange

Referring to a national tour by Jim Bolger.
Fonte: A New Zealand Dictionary of Political Quotations, p. 112.

„Death is very, very terminal.“

—  David Lange

In a speech raising awareness about the AIDS epidemic.
Fonte: National Business Review, 1 May 1987, p. 10.

„a man whose life is so boring that if it flashed past he wouldn't be in it“

—  David Lange

Referring to former Labour Party member Peter Dunne.
Fonte: [Pryor, Nicole, Rare stumble by political chameleon, 8 June 2013, The Press, 8 June 2013, A16]

„…a sordid act of international state-backed terrorism.“

—  David Lange

Referring to the Bombing of the Rainbow Warrior.
Fonte: M. King, Death of the Rainbow Warrior (1986), p. 202.

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