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Data de nascimento: 22. Março 1971


David Michael Kurten AM is a British politician who has been a UK Independence Party Member of the London Assembly since the London Assembly election, 2016. He took the final Additional Member seat under the d'Hont allocation system, ahead of the Liberal Democrats who needed an additional 5,490 votes and the Conservatives who needed an additional 5,581 votes to secure it.

He graduated with a first-class BSc in Chemistry from the University of St Andrews in 1993, a PGCE from the University of Bath in 1995, and completed a MRes in Chemistry at the University of Southampton in 1998.In October 2016, Kurten announced his intention to stand for UKIP leader following the resignation of Diane James after just 18 days. He was seen as a front-runner to lead the party in 2017. Kurten said in August 2017 during the leadership campaign that he opposes same-sex marriage. Kurten faced criticism when he claimed that gay people are more likely to be abused as children. Peter Whittle retorted: "Neither I, nor any of the gay friends and colleagues I have known over 35 years, were sexually abused."When Henry Bolton was elected as leader in October 2017, Kurten finished in third place. Appointed as Education spokesman on 30 November 2016, Kurten resigned from this role on 22 January 2018 following Bolton's refusal to stand down as leader after he received a vote of no confidence from UKIP's National Executive Committee the previous day.Kurten resumed his role as UKIP Spokesman for Education when Gerard Batten took over as Leader in February 2018.Kurten unsuccessfully stood as UKIP's candidate in the Lewisham East by-election on 14 June 2018, getting 380 votes and coming 6th.Kurten has been characterised as being on the social conservative faction of the United Kingdom Independence Party.

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„The self-righteous inhabitants of the out-of-touch London political-media bubble are still Pharisaical in their own sense of moral superiority, yet to those living in communities ripped apart by massive immigration and rapid destabilising cultural change, they are despicable in their hypocrisy.“

—  David Kurten
Left Rages Against Trump Tweets While Embracing Muslim MP Who Tweeted Grooming Victims Should ‘Shut Up for the Sake of Diversity’ (December 6, 2017)


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