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David D. Levine

Data de nascimento: 21. Fevereiro 1961

David D. Levine is an American science fiction writer who won the Hugo Award for Best Short Story in 2006 for his story "Tk'tk'tk". His novel, Arabella of Mars, was published by Tor Books in July 2016.

Citações David D. Levine

„You are a most vexing young woman, you know.“

—  David D. Levine

But his face bore a slight, whimsical smile.
“I know,” she replied, feeling her own mouth curve into a matching expression.
He blew out a breath. “As your brother, I could forbid you to go. But you and I both know that, even if I did so, you would do whatever you wish regardless. I suppose I have no choice but to accede to your request.”
Fonte: Arabella and the Battle of Venus (2017), Chapter 2, “No Time to Lose” (p. 28)

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„How quickly expectations can change one’s behavior, she thought.“

—  David D. Levine, livro Arabella of Mars

Fonte: Arabella of Mars (2016), Chapter 16, “Passenger” (p. 231)

„The man could be frightfully keen…except when he was utterly obtuse.“

—  David D. Levine

Fonte: Arabella and the Battle of Venus (2017), Chapter 16, “Espionage” (p. 246)

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