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Daniel Katz

Data de nascimento: 19. Julho 1903
Data de falecimento: 28. Fevereiro 1998


Daniel Katz was an American psychologist, Emeritus Professor in Psychology at the University of Michigan and an expert on organizational psychology.

Citações Daniel Katz

„Racial prejudice is thus a generalized set of stereotypes of a high degree of consistency which includes emotional responses to race names, a belief in typical characteristics associated with race names, and an evaluation of such traits.“

—  Daniel Katz
Daniel Katz and K.W. Braly (1935) "Racial prejudice and racial stereotypes". Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology. p. 191-2 Cited in: Mark P. Zanna, James M. Olson (1994) The Psychology of Prejudice. p. 16

„Value-expressive attitudes not only give clarity to the self-image but also mold the self-image closer to the heart’s desire.“

—  Daniel Katz
Daniel Katz (1960). "The functional approach to the study of attitudes". In: Public opinion quarterly, 24 (1960). p. 173


„An organization which depends solely upon its blueprints of prescribed behavior is a very fragile social system.“

—  Daniel Katz
Daniel Katz (1964) ""The motivational basis of organizational behavior". In: Behavioral science, 1964. p. 132


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