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Clare Fischer

Data de nascimento: 22. Outubro 1928
Data de falecimento: 26. Janeiro 2012


Douglas Clare Fischer was an American keyboardist, composer, arranger, and bandleader. After graduating from Michigan State University , he became the pianist and arranger for the vocal group the Hi-Lo's in the late 1950s. Fischer went on to work with Donald Byrd and Dizzy Gillespie, and became known for his Latin and bossa nova recordings in the 1960s. He composed the Latin jazz standard "Morning", and the jazz standard "Pensativa". Consistently cited by jazz pianist and composer Herbie Hancock as a major influence , he was nominated for eleven Grammy Awards during his lifetime, winning for his landmark album, 2+2 , the first of Fischer's records to incorporate the vocal ensemble writing developed during his Hi-Lo's days into his already sizable Latin jazz discography; it was also the first recorded installment in Fischer's three-decade-long collaboration with his son Brent. Fischer was also a posthumous Grammy winner for ¡Ritmo! and for Music for Strings, Percussion and the Rest .

Beginning in the early 1970s, Fischer embarked on a parallel career, eventually becoming a much sought-after arranger, providing orchestral "sweeteners" for pop and R&B artists such as Rufus , Prince , Robert Palmer, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, and many others.

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Citações Clare Fischer

„They disenfranchised me. It's like giving an award to Woody Herman's sax section, but not Woody, for "Early Autumn."“

—  Clare Fischer
On the Grammy that had recently been awarded to 2+2, the vocal component of Fischer's Latin jazz combo, as quoted in "He Arranges, Composes, Performs: Fischer, A Renaissance Man Of Music"


„I relate to everything. I'm not just jazz, Latin or classical. I really am a fusion of all of those; not today's fusion, but my fusion.“

—  Clare Fischer
As quoted in "He Arranges, Composes, Performs: Fischer, A Renaissance Man Of Music"


„You have to recognize those writers who are artists in the same sense as the musicians.“

—  Clare Fischer
As quoted in "Meet Clare Fischer"

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