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Charles Thomson (artist)

Data de nascimento: 6. Fevereiro 1953


Charles Thomson is an English artist, poet and photographer. In the early 1980s he was a member of The Medway Poets. In 1999 he named and co-founded the Stuckists art movement with Billy Childish. He has curated Stuckist shows, organised demonstrations against the Turner Prize, run an art gallery, stood for parliament and reported Charles Saatchi to the OFT. He is frequently quoted in the media as an opponent of conceptual art. He was briefly married to artist Stella Vine.

Citações Charles Thomson (artist)

„It has become an ongoing national joke.“

— Charles Thomson (artist)
From [ The Turner Prize manifesto (2000)], co-written with Billy Childish On the Turner Prize. Mostly quoted as "an ongoing national joke" or a "national joke."

„Artists who don't paint aren't artists.“

— Charles Thomson (artist)
Milner, Frank (ed): The Stuckists Punk Victorian [National Museums Liverpool, 2005], p. 134 From The Stuckist Manifesto (1999) co-written with Billy Childish


„Doodles done by a lobotomised computer.“

— Charles Thomson (artist)
Dalya Alberge, [,,2-2486773,00.html "Painter Wins Turner Prize"] The Times, 2006-12-04 On the 2006 Turner Prize winner, Tomma Abts, an abstract painter.

„He disrupted things and that’s fine, but now things have been shaken up so much that it’s been shaken up into little bits and the little bits have been shaken up into even smaller bits. We are saying let’s put it all back together.“

— Charles Thomson (artist)
Richard Moss, [ "Stuckist's Punk Victorian gatecrashes Walker's Biennial"], 2004-09-17. Accessed 2007-02-01. On Marcel Duchamp.

„The Turner should be renamed the B&Q diy prize.“

— Charles Thomson (artist)
Dalya Alberge, [,,2-1905555,00.html "One Man and His Boat Sail into a Storm over the Turner"] The Times, 2005-12-06. On the 2005 Turner Prize winner, Simon Starling, who turned a shed into a boat and back into a shed.

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