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Charles Perrow

Data de nascimento: 9. Fevereiro 1925
Data de falecimento: 12. Novembro 2019


Charles B. Perrow was an emeritus professor of sociology at Yale University and visiting professor at Stanford University. He authored several books and many articles on organizations, and was primarily concerned with the impact of large organizations on society.

Citações Charles Perrow

„One test of good theory is that it have practical implications.“

—  Charles Perrow
1970s, Organizational Analysis: A Sociological View, 1970, Context: It is surprising how much discipline is imposed upon theory by requiring that it ‘make a difference’ and provide guidance or useful illumination. I learned long ago from students in professional schools that questions of ‘so what’ or ‘what relevance does this have’ do not signify impatience with theory per se, much less anti-intellectualism, but only impatience with the obvious, general, remote, and vague statements that often parade as social science theory. One test of good theory is that it have practical implications. p. vii


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