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Cameron Dokey

Data de nascimento: 1956


Cameron Dokey is an American author. She lives in Seattle, Washington with her three cats and her husband. Cameron was born in the Central Valley of California. Her father was a teacher of Philosophy, Creative Writing, and Western Literature, and perhaps for this reason, Cameron grew up reading classical literature and mythology. Both Cameron's parents are authors. Her mother's work is less well-known than that of her father. Cameron's grandmother, Mabel, was a singer on the radio in the early decades of the 20th Century.

Cameron studied Archaeology at Sonoma State University just prior to extending her high school career as an actress by acting for several years at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, in Ashland, Oregon. Cameron then moved to Seattle, where she continued acting at several locations including the Seattle Rep. It was in Seattle that Cameron met her husband, Jim Verdery.

After several years of acting and working in different capacities, Cameron has settled into writing.

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