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Buckminster Fuller

Data de nascimento: 12. Julho 1895
Data de falecimento: 1. Julho 1983

Richard Buckminster Fuller, chamado de Bucky foi um visionário, designer, arquitecto, inventor e escritor estadunidense. Wikipedia

Citações Buckminster Fuller

„Ou a guerra é obsoleta, ou o homem.“

—  Buckminster Fuller

Either war is obsolete or man is
Buckminster Fuller como citado in Yearbook on India's Foreign Policy - Página 257, Sage Publications, 1982

„A fé é muito melhor que a crença. Crença é quando alguém pensa por você.“

—  Buckminster Fuller

Richard Fuller citado em "Frases Geniais" - Página 283, Paulo Buchsbaum, Ediouro Publicações, 2004, ISBN 8500015330, 9788500015335 - 440 página

„Um problema adequadamente diagnosticado está a caminho de ser solucionado.“

—  Buckminster Fuller

A problem adequately stated is a problem well on its way to being solved.
Utopia or oblivion: the prospects for humanity‎ - Página 310, Richard Buckminster Fuller - Allen Lane, 1970, ISBN 0713901349, 9780713901344 - 416 páginas

„Nature never "fails."“

—  Buckminster Fuller

Nature complies with its own laws. Nature is the law. When Man lacks understanding of Nature's laws and a Man-contrived structure buckles unexpectedly, it does not fail. It only demonstrates that Man did not understand Nature's laws and behaviors. Nothing failed. Man's knowledge or estimating was inadequate.
In "How Little I Know", in Saturday Review (12 Nov 1966), 152. Excerpted in Buckminster Fuller and Answar Dil, Humans in Universe (1983), 31.

„I find all of our world society is operating exclusively in parts. We know this because the word synergy is unknown popularly and it is the only word that means “behavior of wholes unpredicted by behavior of their parts.”“

—  Buckminster Fuller

This proves that society does not even think that it has a need for such a word. This discloses that society does not think that there are behaviors of wholes unpredicted by the parts. It thinks statistics and probability are all that we need but if “probability” and “statistics” were of any power at all we could not have a stock market or gambling for we would know exactly how things are coming out and no one would bet against the probability.
1960s, Presentation to U.S. Congressional Sub-Committee on World Game (1969)

„I have to ask... are you familiar with the word “synergy?”“

—  Buckminster Fuller

1960s, Presentation to U.S. Congressional Sub-Committee on World Game (1969)

„Those whom God hath joined together let no one put asunder.“

—  Buckminster Fuller, livro Critical Path

To Anne Hewlett Fuller on this, our 63rd Wedding Anniversary and my 85 Birthday—July 12, 1980
From 1980s onwards, Critical Path (1981)

„The politicians still say that it’s you or me, and that’s why they go for the gun.“

—  Buckminster Fuller

From 1980s onwards, Buckminster Fuller Talks Politics (1982)

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