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Arthur Kekewich

Data de nascimento: 26. Julho 1832
Data de falecimento: 22. Novembro 1907


Sir Arthur Kekewich was a British Chancery Division judge.

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„It is the right of her Majesty's subjects to make claims and to have them tried in the constitutional way.“

—  Arthur Kekewich
Birmingham and District Land Co. v. London and North-Western Railway Co. (1888), 57 L. J. Rep. (N. S.) C. D. 123.

„Motives do not concern me; they are a dangerous subject with which to deal.“

—  Arthur Kekewich
Whelan v. Palmer (1888), L. J. Rep. (N. S.) 57 C. D. 788.


„Experience tells us that sometimes, when minorities insist on their rights, they ultimately prevail.“

—  Arthur Kekewich
Young v. South African, &c. Syndicate (1896), L. R. 2 C. D. [1896], p. 278.

„Masterly inactivity may be prudence to one man, desperate rashness to another.“

—  Arthur Kekewich
In re Liverpool Household Stores Assoc. (1890), 59 L. J. Rep. C. D. 618.


„A decision of the House of Lords requires no sanction.“

—  Arthur Kekewich
In re Weall Andrews v. Weall (1889), L. R. 42 Ch. D. 679.

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