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Arthur Desmond

Data de nascimento: 1859
Data de falecimento: 23. Janeiro 1929


Arthur Desmond , also Arthur Uing, Ragnar Redbeard , Richard Thurland, Desmond Dilg, and Gavin Gowrie, was a British-born politician, poet, and author.

He is believed to be the author of the book Might Is Right, written under the pen name Ragnar Redbeard. Might Is Right is an essay illustrating the author's support of Social Darwinism and its belief that power, strength, and superiority is the mark of a moral human being and that inherent human rights are nonexistent.

He is also known for his book Rival Caesars.

Citações Arthur Desmond


„Two things greater
Than all things are;
And the first is love
And the second is war.“

—  Arthur Desmond
From Rudyard Kipling, The Ballad of the King's Jest; quoted in the opening of Rival Caesars

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