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Arnold Tustin

Data de nascimento: 16. Julho 1899
Data de falecimento: 9. Janeiro 1994


Arnold Tustin, , was a British engineer, and Professor of Engineering at the University of Birmingham and at Imperial College London, who made important contributions to the development of control engineering and its application to electrical machines.

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„Methods by which engineers stabilise their mechanisms suggest analogous possibilities for stabilising economic systems.“

—  Arnold Tustin
Arnold Tustin (1957) " The mechanism of economic instability" in: New Scientist, Oct. 27, 1957. p. 8


„Feedback: It is the fundamental principle that underlies all self-regulating systems, not only machines but also the processes of life and the tides of human affairs.“

—  Arnold Tustin
Arnold Tustin (1952) as cited in: Daniel L. Young, Seth Michelson (2011) Systems Biology in Drug Discovery and Development. p. 49

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