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Anthony Lewis

Data de nascimento: 27. Março 1927
Data de falecimento: 25. Março 2013

Anthony Lewis was an American public intellectual and journalist. He was twice winner of the Pulitzer Prize, and was a columnist for The New York Times. He is credited with creating the field of legal journalism in the United States.

Early in Lewis' career as a legal journalist, Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter told an editor of The New York Times: "I can't believe what this young man achieved. There are not two justices of this court who have such a grasp of these cases." At his death, Nicholas B. Lemann, the dean of Columbia University School of Journalism, said: "At a liberal moment in American history, he was one of the defining liberal voices."

Citações Anthony Lewis

„Five more times in the succeeding pages of his penciled petition Gideon spoke of the right to counsel. To try a poor man for a felony without giving him a lawyer, he said, was to deprive him of the due process of law.“

—  Anthony Lewis, filme Gideon's Trumpet

[8, Anthony, Lewis, w:Anthony Lewis, Vintage, 1989, 9780679723127, Gideon's Trumpet,]

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„Lewis is a former New York Times columnist and an authority on the U. S. Constitution.“

—  Anthony Lewis

[John F., Hagan, November 22, 2003, Americans being denied rights since 9/11, journalist declares, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio, B2]

„Without the foundation of law, this vast country could never have survived as one, could never have absorbed streams of immigrants from myriad cultures. With one terrible exception, the Civil War, law and the Constitution have kept America whole and free.“

—  Anthony Lewis

[Anthony, Lewis, w:Anthony Lewis, Abroad at Home; Hail And Farewell, 2001-12-15, Boston, New York Times,] [Lewis's final column].

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