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Amir-Abbas Fakhravar

Data de nascimento: 6. Julho 1975


Amir-Abbas Fakhravar is an Iranian jailed dissident, award winning writer and the recipient of the Annie Taylor Award. In 2002 he and Arzhang Davoodi co-founded the Confederation of Iranian Students , an organization that aims to institute democracy in Iran. Fakhravar serves as the Secretary General of the Confederation of Iranian Students and President of the "Iranian Freedom Institute" in Washington, D.C. Currently, Fakhravar serves as Research Fellow and Visiting Lecturer at the Center for the Study of Culture and Security at The Institute of World Politics.Fakhravar has testified before the Senate Homeland Security committee and the House Foreign Affairs on U.S-Iran relation, Foreign Policy, U.S. government broadcasting and Iran's Nuclear issues. Fakhravar, among his CIS team, briefed parliament members at the European Parliament and Parliament of Finland, the Parliament of the United Kingdom, Parliament of Israel, Parliament of Germany, and Parliament of Canada. He has been a foreign affairs and Iran expert at FOX News, Alhurra, CNN, CBN, VOA, Radio Farda and CBS.

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