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Adam Myerson

Data de nascimento: 9. Maio 1972


Adam Hodges-Myerson is an American professional bicycle racer specializing in cyclo-cross and criterium racing. Adam is an active race promoter, series organizer, and coach; was the only American on the UCI Cyclo-cross commission as well as the AIOC-Cross Management Committee; and was the USA Cycling Collegiate National Cyclocross Champion in 1997. Myerson currently lives in Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA.

Myerson has been a vegetarian since 1989 and a vegan since 2001, primarily for animal rights reasons, and has published several articles on being a meat-free endurance athlete. He is also an outspoken anti-doping advocate.

He is the owner and head coach of Cycle-Smart, Inc. and widely attributed with coining the phrase "Belgian Tractor Pull" to describe the sport of cyclocross.

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