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Abdullah Ensour

Data de nascimento: 20. Janeiro 1939

Abdullah Ensour is a Jordanian economist who was Prime Minister of Jordan between October 2012 and May 2016. A veteran politician, he has held various cabinet positions in Jordanian government in addition to being prime minister.

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„If a Jordanian applies for a job, it will be his or hers. But if Jordanians do not go for certain jobs, the priority will go to Syrians, among the guest workers.“

—  Abdullah Ensour

Ensour reading out a paragraph of "Jordan Compact", saying that he has no problems with Syrian refugees coming for jobs, issued at a London donor conference, quoted on Jordan Times, "Gov’t sends messages of assurance over integrating Syrians into labour force", February 11, 2016.
Contexto: Cumulatively, these measures could in the coming years provide 200,000 job opportunities for Syrian refugees while they remain in the country, contributing to the Jordanian economy without competing with Jordanians for jobs. I want to assure all Jordanians. If a Jordanian applies for a job, it will be his or hers. But if Jordanians do not go for certain jobs, the priority will go to Syrians, among the guest workers.

„There is a limit to how much the country can take; you don’t want us to collapse. You don’t want our economic plans, our economic reform to be disrupted . . . You don’t want Jordan to be destabilised.“

—  Abdullah Ensour

Abdullah Ensour, the Prime Minister of Jordan on Syrian refugees entering Jordan, quoted on Ft, "Jordan seeks international aid in deal over Syrian refugees", February 1, 2016.

„We were all keen since the beginning, starting with the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah II, who was aware of the importance of this work for decision makers, to ensure that the census would proceed according to its plan“

—  Abdullah Ensour

Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour on Monday attended a conference to launch the official results of the 2015 national population and housing census, quoted on, "PM attends conference to launch official results of national census", February 22, 2016.

„Early this Wednesday morning, at around 3 am, a security operation carried out by special forces that included security and military personnel, ended and was successful in achieving its goals. Seven members of the outlaw group were killed, this group are misguided and misleading, they are a terrorist group connected to terrorist organizations, and had planned to disrupt the security of the country and its people.“

—  Abdullah Ensour

Jordanian Intelligence forces uncovered and stopped a Daesh plot to target civilians and military in Amman on March 1, 2016, Ensour addressed the parliament on March 2, 2016 on the successful attack on Daesh militants, quoted on Albawaba, "Jordanian authorities confirm Daesh activity in Irbid, suicide belts found", March 2, 2016.

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